The LIBRA is an automatic swing gate system that opens and closes using an automatic or push button operation; the gates are suitable for applications where low speed compound gate operations are required. This type of automatic swing gate is suited to both small and large size openings and designed for use where heavy traffic is present. This type of gate can be used in a range of applications including stand-alone or combination use and is ideally suited for external applications where intrusion system is required.
For maximum safety, all LIBRA systems have a built in anti crush system. Upon contact with an obstacle the gate stops and reverses automatically to avoid the risk of injury or damage.
All LIBRA operators are CE marked and comply with the appropriate safety regulations EN 13241-1.
All LIBRA gates, in the event of a power failure is supplied with a manual override facility. This ensures the swing gate can be easily opened or closed in the event of power being severed, this override facility minimizes on the risk of any inconvenience in entering or leaving the affected area.

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage : 230 V AC ± 5%
Motor power : 650 W
Motor current : 3.0 A
Motor speed : 1400 rpm
Thermal protection intervention : 95° C
Operating temperatures : – 20° C to + 70° C
Operating time : 3.5 to 7.5 sec

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