Offering universal integration capabilities and outstanding operational flexibility. CI sliding doors are designed with maximum scope in mind. With a wide range of individual styles and matching frame/profile systems, CI sliding doors are ideal entrance upgrade for any building. Microprocessor control ensures user convenience in whatever door selected.


Automatic Gate Operators Sliding Gates

  • It is suitable for automating large, intensively used sliding gates.
  • Maintenance level is kept to a minimum.
  • Durability: All the materials used in the manufacture of this product have been chosen for their resistance to the corrosive elements encountered in the climates of any location rural, urban and costal .
  • Anti – crush protection: The force exerted by the operator/gate is regulated by an adjustable friction clutch, thus providing a constant level of personal safety.
  • Powerful, sensitive and Compact: Transmission is achieved by use of either a pinion or chain sprocket. The irreversible action of the operator reduction gears provide a positive locking in both the open and closed positions.
  • Inductive Limit Switch: The operator is equipped with an inductive limit switch. This type of switch eliminates the use of moving parts and the associated problems that can occur.
  • Manual Release: In case of power failure, the unit can be mechanically released using a special key and the gate or door operated manually till the unit power is restored.