Door Frame Metal Detector

Safety and security is not a luxury but a necessity and you cannot leave it to chance. Get a Door Frame Metal Detector at best price. These high-performance DFMD walkthroughs are designed to enable efficient surveillance. They accurately detect dangerous objects like knives, guns while letting metal items of everyday use like coins, keys, belts, jewellery pass through without an alarm.

The security threats could come from thieves, miscreants or even terrorists. You can now ensure safety of spaces and keep potential danger at bay at a fair price. The Door Frame Metal Detector can be installed in airports, hotels, malls, multiplexes, hospitals, commercial buildings and public spaces. To cover a wide range of goals in different kinds of spaces, we offer of DFMD models.


Multi-Zone , Auto Calibration, Human friendly VLF technology


economy version of the deluxe model with equal


CINT-SF-2Z is a microcontroller based


CINT-SF-18Z is a high performance eighteen


Two units can be ported on a motor cycle


CINT-SF-9Z is a high performance nine zone walkthrough metal


Low cost walkthrough detector for weapon detection


SAFEGATE is a microcontroller based single zone walk-through metal