Educational Aids

We are working for the enhancement of learning opportunities for kids and students. We have developed toolkits for students in different subjects to make learning easy and fun for them. Our products provide a hands-on experience and hours of educational fun to students.

Each of our kits has been designed keeping in mind:

  • Class – Age appropriateness
  • Ease of use and focus on concept
  • Mapping of class syllabus
  • Weight and dimensions of the manipulative

With our educational toolkits, the students can:

  • Perform experiments by exploring, playing games, solve puzzles and get involved in visualizing the subject
  • Understand and internalize the basic concepts through objects and situations
  • Build interest and confidence in learning the subject
  • Think, discuss with each other and the teacher and assimilate concepts in a more effective manner

Apart from providing tool kits based on books, games and puzzles, we also offer the students with e-learning opportunities through our online course packs.