Skill Development

We are working towards providing quality Learning and Skill Development Programmes through which people who are seeking job opportunities can acquire a particular skillset and become employable.

Our training methodology is aimed at holistic development of the individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs. We help them acquire relevant skills so that they can start their own business.

Our skill development offerings for the participants are focused on:

  • People who are looking to acquire skills for getting jobs in the organized sector
  • People who need skills for self-employment to start or nurture their own business
  • Students who need educational skills to start their career and improve employability

We follow a holistic approach in providing skill development solutions which includes:

  • Offering end-to-end skill building training programmes which improves the employability quotient of the participants
  • Partnering with organizations to understand their workforce and other resources need and accordingly design training courses and material
  • Partnering with government and their associated organizations to support in their initiatives