How do you know which Security Product better suits your needs?

Security products can be divided into three broad categories – Surveillance, Detection and Protection – for ease of understanding the value of each machine and its uses in day-to-day life. Which safety device to choose depends on your needs that we’ll discuss in the article.


Some needs are related to surveillance only. You only want to have an eye over your home, kids, pets and servants. Also, you want to see who’s approaching your home or standing at the main gate before you enter the door. When you are asleep or away, you want someone to keep a watch over your home to know whether anyone is trying to break into your home in an illegal manner.


It is the next level of safety where you examine the behavior of suspicious persons or object. Here you interact with the things in sight but in a safe manner. You keep watching those objects to justify their presence and determine their motive and allow those things only when you are certain that they pose no danger to your well-being.


Security Equipment used for protection provides safety from physical assault while dealing with strangers and suspicious objects. These devices are widely used by law enforcement agencies and defence establishments all over the world.

Let’s discuss role and advantages of popular safety equipment


It is called an electronic eye because it works like a natural eye. Set at a strategic place, a camera can give you a wide angle view of the human and vehicular traffic passing through your home. If installed inside, it will work like a window to your home. You can see how your kids are doing at home; whether things are kept at their places and when the family members are going in/out of the home.

Smoke Detector

This device does the complete job – Surveillance, Detection and Protection. It senses heat and raises an alarm to alert the persons present in the danger zone. It provides protection by allowing the persons to evacuate the area under heat. It is a common device used in residential and work areas.


This device is used at public access points and it is used for both human and vehicular traffic. The law enforcement agencies use these devices to check visitor, vehicles and cargo and couriers.

Bollard Barrier

This device is different from others in two ways. First, it works manually and on its own; the second it improves aesthetic beauty of architecture. Primarily used as a shield against ramming attacks, the bollard barriers also improve the outdoor look and feel of the properties they protect.

How to choose a safety device?

It isn’t difficult to choose Security Products as there are many devices and each device has different uses and advantages. But some safety machines have become necessary due to their uses in day-to-day life. For example, a CCTV is necessary to improve the physical safety of a property. Similarly, a smoke detector is mandatory to ensure safety from fire. Bollard barriers are also used for outdoor beautification.