How is the x-ray of a Luggage Scanner works?

A Luggage Scanner can see what is inside a bag. It is an x-ray device and like any other x-ray machine, it produces images. It is used to see the contents of bags passing through it. And it can scan a bag of any shape, size and weight.


Let’s see how it works

The Luggage Scanner has x-rays on one side and a pair of detectors on the other. The first detection-plate collects only low-energy rays and the second plate senses high-energy rays only. When a bag passes through the scanner, it absorbs some of the rays resulting in making images of its contents on the detection-plates. Since the plates collect different frequency of energy, they produce different images of the contents.


The computer attached to the scanning machine produces a quick comparison between the two x-ray pictures and detailed information on the bags scanned is provided on the monitor.

• The scanner detects the position of the contents
• The picture shows the size of the objects
• It gives information on the properties of the objects

CINT-Lugagge Scanner Bnner
A luggage scanner is a Security Product, it uses colors to show properties of the objects. And the rule is – denser the object, darker the color.

• Orange color for organic compounds like paper, food and explosives
• Green/Blue for metals and glass

A person associated with security scans bags with the help of an x-ray scanner. The machine produces images of the contents of bags and the security staff filters the suspicious contents for a thorough checking. The advantage of the x-ray scanner is it reduces scanning time of bags while providing a detailed view of the inside of the bags scanned.


Uses of Luggage Scanner

It is used for scrutiny of bags and cargo at airports and other sensitive places. This x-ray machine brings speed and transparency in the Security System. Also, it reduces human error by assisting the security personnel in inspecting the packed contents.