Data Management

Any business creates lots of information that is typically tracked using paper trails. Moreover, organizations may have loads of papers that are preserved for posterity. Some documents have sensitive information and have to be handled properly.

In today’s world, leading organizations are shifting towards a paperless working environment. It streamlines the business processes making the information flow much faster, efficient and traceable.

For this purpose, CINT offers Document Management System (DMS) solutions to organizations for helping them in this transition process from paper to paper-less. DMS scans and stores the papers on digital media for fast searching and retrieval.

Our Data Management services include activities right from the document acquisition and document life cycle management to document retrieval and distribution.

With our DMS solutions you will be able to:

  • Store, organize, manage and track electronic documents and scanned-images of paper-based information
  • Use keywords to search for files without ever having to leave your desk
  • Modify and manage the document system and incorporate physical filing procedures such as storage location, security, access control and version control
  • Keep a record of users logging in the system and the content accessed by them