Most businesses need computing devices and a robust IT infrastructure for carrying out their business processes. CINT looks after your complete IT hardware requirements and offer customized solutions.

Some of our offerings in hardware sector are in:

This includes desktop systems/laptops and the peripheral devices like printers, disk drives, modems etc. for doing specific tasks. These devices don’t work standalone; they need to be supplemented by servers/network and storage/backup devices for backend support. We provide integrated solution in computing devices to organizations.

Good communication network is a fundamental requirement of any organization as employees need to communicate within and outside the organization. Communication in past was limited to telephony (IP or non-IP), Private Exchange (PBX) and handsets. Now, intranet and internet connectivity have become equally important and are handled by arrays of switches, routers, firewalls and wireless networks. Moreover, employees need mobile connectivity to get connected to the emails and other systems when outside. We provide solutions to companies to meet their communication requirements.

Audio/ Video
Meeting rooms are places where businesses actually take place. Therefore it is imperative to have proper audio/ video systems to make meetings more productive. We provide voice/ video conferencing and projector systems to companies as per their requirements.

Industry-Specific Products
We also provide organizations some products specific to their industry. For instance, we offer retail establishments products like bar-code scanners and other point-of-sale (POS) systems that speed up the transaction processes and save stores’ and customers’ time.

Our structured approach in understanding your IT infrastructure helps us deliver the right hardware products to our customers.