Is your CCTV view unobstructed?

Your CCTV camera is capable of capturing a wide angle view of your home. Also, you have bought a high-resolution camera with the night-vision feature. This camera is a great choice but there are some minor issues that could hamper its capabilities. If the view from your places where cameras are installed is obstructed, the cameras won’t be able to see clearly.


Trim those trees and bushes

Many people plant trees and bushes in the approach to their homes. It is like giving a green touch to a property but you should never let the plants obstruct the view of your CCTVs. The security cameras are there to see the road but the plants could provide a shield to the unwelcome visitors.


Height of the boundary wall

If the height of the boundary wall is obstructing your CCTV from viewing the road, you should add one more security camera to the boundary wall to get added protection. The main door camera will cover the area up to the boundary wall and the outside camera will protect the boundary wall.


If you are creating a portable cabin to use as a storeroom or for parking your bike, you should keep the CCTV view in mind. It is better if the cabin comes under the view of CCTV but it shouldn’t obstruct its view to the main road. The objective is to keep the CCTV view clear of obstructions. Nothing should come in between the security camera and nothing should be hidden from the camera.


Installation and maintenance is the key to success in home surveillance. And maintenance includes keeping the CCTVs functional by improving their vision. Also, you shouldn’t hesitate in changing the cameras, if you find that they aren’t able to accommodate your security-related needs. There should be no compromise on home security and it is possible only when you take care of your CCTVs.