Gate Operators/Barriers

Danger can enter your doors when you least expect and in the most unsuspicious way. In such times, an automatic gate opener with screening mechanism can be a saviour. It can be used to allow only those people who have the relevant identity card to enter. Again the gate closers can restrict any additional person from entering.

These automatic gate operators and barriers are available in a variety of models to serve different purposes. It gives the place a modern look and feel, enables easy handling of the entry and exit points, reduces related manual work, and helps in card access or ticketing, other than the obvious security feature. It can be used in malls, multiplexes, banks, amusement parks, stadiums, commercial complexes, metro stations etc.

CINT-Retractable Flap Barrier

CINT Automation Retractable Flap Barriers have been designed

CINT-Access Control Barrier

It allows one-way turnstiles to be used as emergency exits.

CINT-Sliding Doors Systems

Offering universal integration capabilities and outstanding

CINT-Spike Barrier

It is designed to destroy vehicles trying to forcibly enter into the secured area.

CINT-Road Blocker

For vehicle access control at high security places


CINT series of turnstiles is designed to withstand


24 v electromechanical barrier for beams up to 6m


The LIBRA is a swing gate system that opens and closes using an

CINT-Automatic Bollard

A bollard is a short vertical post.