• Auto Safegate – II (Without Traffic Counter)
  • Auto Safegate – III (With Traffic Counter)


  • Low cost walkthrough detector for weapon detection
  • Quick installation – no training required
  • Automatic zero adjustment
  • Ignores metals outside the frame
  • 10 levels of sensitivity and 2 levels of alarm
  • 10 step bar-graph indicator
  • 3 level LED indicator for low, medium and high levels of alarm
  • Piezoelectric beeper for indication of metal
  • WALK and STOP indicators to regulate traffic
  • Detects all metals, alloys and ferrites
  • Low field strength- no effect on pacemakers and magnetic media
  • SMPS power supply – works from 90V to 270V with full-function battery backup

-- Download CINT-AUTO-SF as PDF --