Walk-Through Metal Detector

SAFEGATE is a microcontroller based single zone walk-through metal detector. It has been developed to detect clandestine ferrous and non-ferrous metals on the body of a person when asked to pass through the doorframe. It is also equipped with an intelligent back-lit LCD counter to indicate the IN, OUT and algebraic sum of the traffic passing through the door frame.
LED bar-graph, indicator lamps, sensitivity and alarm controls are provided in the console at the top of the door frame. Only components of the highest quality and proven reliability are employed in the manufacture of SAFEGATE to ensure a long, trouble-free life. A mother board system with plug-in cards is employed for minimum downtime and ease of serviceability.
A full-height light bar displays the horizontal location of the detected metal masses in transit. This results in rapid identification of threat and a reduction of manual searches.

  • Quick installation – no training required
  • Automatic zero adjustment
  • Ignores external metals
  • 100 levels of digitally adjustable sensitivity control
  • 10 levels of digitally adjustable volume control
  • 10 step bar-graph indicator
  • Intelligent counter for distinct indication of entry, exit and algebraic sum
  • Piezoelectric beeper for indication of metal
  • Detects all metals, alloys and ferrites
  • Low field strength – no affect on pacemakers and magnetic media
  • SMPS power supply for use with 90V to 270V
  • Built in full-function battery backup for over 12 hours
  • Tested by Electronics Regional Test Laboratory, New Delhi


Operating Principal: Continuous Wave
Power Source:
  • 90-270V AC and 12V/7AH Battery Seamless battery changeover in case of mains failure
  • Batteries are internally and automatically charged during operation
Power Consumption: Less than 20 Watts
  • 10 STEP LED BAR level Indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • back-lit Intelligent LCD Counter
Intelligent Traffic Counter: Microcontroller based back-lit intelligent LCD counter to indicate in, out and algebraic sum of the traffic
Alarm: Loud piezoelectric alarm with 10 step volume control


Infrared sensors are incorporated to prevent metal outside the door frame from interfering with the system and also for the purpose of algebraic counting of the traffic going through the door frame.


100 step digitally adjustable sensitivity from Low to detect objects like grenades, Guns and Swords to High to detect objects like watches, keys etc.

Battery Back-Up:

Integral 12V 7AH chargeable Battery with built-in charger to cope with power failures of over 12 hours. The “WALK” and “STOP” indicators and all other functions also work during battery operation.


Aesthetically pleasing ABS plastic structure provides complete protection against weather.

-- Download CINT-DF-1Z as PDF --