This is economy version Door Frame Metal Detector with good performance. It is ruggedly made, for easy transporting. Controls are built-in for ease of handling /operation Selected weather resistant a material makes it ideal for outdoor applications.


Installation: Indoors
Format: All around search coil with base bridge
Power: 220V AC Mains
Construction: Laminated wood frame
Arch Size: 220 x 90 cm
Clearance: 200 x 75 cm
Approx weight: 30 kg
Controls: Built in
Special Features: Furniture finish
Tuning: Auto set
Application: Industrial security, Public buildings

Common Features

Detection Level : 16 Levels to indicate the volume of metal passing
Sensitivity: 16 levels to select, for allowing personal belongings
Alarm: Audio alarm on all metals ferrous and non-ferrous
Environmental: -10° C to +50°C Up to 95% RH

-- Download CINT-DF-ECO as PDF --