High Performance Handheld Metal Detector

Super scanner’s high sensitivity is invaluable in anti theft applications where small metal objects must be protected. Jewelry, electronics products, computer processors, tools etc. can be detected.
Super scanner’s high sensitivity allows a search to be non-intrusive and hands-off by minimizing physical contact with the subject


Medium Pistol at 10″ (250 mm)
Pistol, 25 cal 8″ (200 mm)
Mini revolver, 22 cal 6″ (150 mm)
Cartridge, .357 4″ (100 mm)
Razor blade 2″ ( 50 mm)
Hat pin 1″ ( 25 mm)


75-600 mm per second

General Specifications:
Dimensions Length: 15.5″ Probe Width: 5.9″ Body Width: 1.4″ Thickness: 1.3″
Alarm Indicators Single LED for multiple indication
1) Blue Light: Power On
2) Brighter Light: Detection
3) Flashing Light: Low Battery
Batteries 9V Battery
Battery life works for over 300 Hours on 9V Duracell battery at 10% detection rate
Body Rugged construction, high impact ABS moulded case
Weight 300 gms with battery
Warranty 1 year on parts and labor

-- Download CINT-SP-SCN as PDF --