CINT-Automated Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS)


CINTScan is the advance automated COLOR Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS). CINTSCAN is based on the latest and highly advance area scan imaging technology. It uses the combination of high end electro-mechanical assemblies, cameras, illuminators and sensors besides CINTScan’s Area by Area image composing software. The visual information captured is synthesized by the system and subsequently produce a high quality composite underside image of vehicle to facilitate efficient viewing and detection of any potentially harmful object that may be attach to the under belly of the vehicle.
CINTScan gives a seamless composite image without distortion, even if vehicle halts completely on top of the UVSS.

System Architecture

Key Features

  • Area Scan image composing technology for complete imaging of underside, even if vehicle. halts completely on top of the UVSS.
  • Auxiliary camera(s) for ‘Hard-to-view’ areas.
  • High resolution composite COL R image.
  • Integrated Automated License Plate Reader (Optional).
  • Multilingual Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Integrated Driver Image Capture (Optional).
  • Remote/distance veiwing and monitoring (Optional).
  • All weather proof IP-67 certified underground enclosures.
  • Air cleaner mechanism for all weather operation.
  • CE,ISO certified system

Technical Specifications

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