CINT-Automatic Bollard


CSA300/12 OIL-HYDRAULIC – 2012

Type of Installation: Underground

Vanishing armoured Oil:Hydraulic cylindric dissuader

The “CSA300/12” is an armoured anti-breaking & high reliablitiy Dissauder, equipped with Oil-hydraulic retractable totally vanishing system.

This automation is able to keep the energy generated from the impact with a vehicle weighting 3600 Kg. that goes at a speed of 50 Km/h.

The dissuader has the function of limiting the access of the vehicles and is suited for the protection of shops, malls, banks, concessionaries, particular accesses or for closing pedestrian areas or hour regulated traffic etc.

The dissuader has passed all the proofs it has been tested by the CA body:

– Cyclic tests of 1.000.000 movements.

– Tests of electro-magnetically compatibility and electrical safety.
– Static load (EN124 D400) with a maximum load of 40.000 Kg.(CSA 300-D 400)

The dissuader’s sizes are 273 mm of diameter, a thickness of 12 mm and a stroke of 700 mm.

The automation is composed of:

-A mechanical pipe in Fe510 diameter 273mm, treated in two ways that protect it from the atmospherically agents:

-Hot galvanized coated in depth
-Anti-scratch painting in silicone base in colour Anthraxite (on request, other colours are available).

– An extractable hot galvanized coated structure containing a long lasting monolock hydraulic system. In a few spaces are placed:

– The hydraulic piston, the tank, the oil bathed motor, the hydraulic pump, the distribution plate with valves of maximum pressure and a valve of bidirectional lock that assets the dissuader in every position.

– A structure in a unique body composed of robust guides that ensure an optimal linearity and resistance to smashes.

– The easy extractable structure makes every test, maintenance or regulation on the dissuader easy and possible. The electrical cables are given in length of 10 m each.

– A hot galvanized coated formwork (D485 mm xD 935mm), with holes for the passage of the electrical pipes. The pose of the formwork must be done on a sewer system or draining ground for the recovery of the water. The standard installation foresees a dig of 1,45 mt. from the ground level.

– A collector with manual release of emergency (patented), working by a personalized device. It can be added:

– The hydraulic electrical valve of release for the going down of the dissuader in lack of tension

– The manostat.

– The armoured pump locking with personal key to ensure total safety even in case of tampering or vandalism.

– Acoustic signaller 230Vac.

– A crown of eight (8) LED posed around the circumference of the dissuader.

– Magnetic limit switches IP67 installed both in opening and in closing to regulate the maximum stroke of the dissuader (the equipped cables are 10m long)

– A retro-reflective adhesive stripe with high bright response, that allows the visibility of the dissuader in the night hours.

There are optionals that can be installed together with the basic dissuader:

Safety Sensitive Head

(patented): It is renowned as safety device for the notice of the obstacles by the counterweight movement of the alluminium cover that, in presence of an obstacle ( minimum 3 Kg.) inverts the movement ensuring the maximum safety. Inside the safety device are used redundant limit switches with positive opening (for the safe interruption of the signal) and multipolar connector with quick graft IP67 for the fast and safe connection of the bright and sensitive head. The sensitive head belongs to the values of the limitation of the allowed forces of the law EN 12453.

Control Board

It is dedicated to the management of: four (4) dissuaders, bright head, electrical valve, safety devices and safety sensitive head.Unique for the respect of the current rules. certified because it passed tests of electro-magnetical compatibility and electrical safety, among which the law EN60204-1. r.e.m. redundancy system that ensures the good working of the dissuader even in presence of a break down, avoiding unexpectedly starting or lacking of stop traffic lights, this output is managed to make the dissuader rise only after a scrupulous internal control.


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