CINT-Retractable Flap Barrier

CINT- Retractable Flap Barriers

CINT Automation Retractable Flap Barriers have been designed to provide quick and controlled access to restricted areas. These can be integrated either with, face recognition systems, card access systems or ticketing system to ensure quick and automated passage, while limiting the tail entry of any unauthorized individual. These Flap Barriers are ideal for metro railways, office complexes, industrial installations, banks, amusement parks, stadiums etc.


  • CINT Flap barriers series is designed to provide quick entrance to authorized employees and visitors, while maintaining aesthetics of the surrounding. CINT offers retractable flap barriers for reception areas as well as for unmanned entry & exit points of highly secured areas.
  • CINT Flap Barriers are available in 2 variants in terms of outer finish viz. MS body with Grey paint and SS body with brushed polish.
  • Modular design offers options to be incorporated according to client’s requirement, such as mechanical or electro mechanical, unidirectional or bi-directional and fail-safe or fail-lock.
  • A pictograph is installed in the flap barrier which indicates the status of the barrier, if the passage can be used.

Material & Design

  • CINT Retractable Flap Barriers are designed to withstand most rugged environmental and operating conditions. Motorized mechanism integrated with encapsulated electro-mechanical drive unit powers the flap barriers of both the variants. MS body Flap Barriers are manufactured industrial usage for durability & efficiency, whereas the Stainless Steel body variant is meant for locations like receptions, main entrance points of high profile locations maintaining the aesthetics of the surroundings.
  • Simplistic and sturdy mechanical components are designed to achieve the utmost in reliability, whilst reducing maintenance and service requirements to an absolute minimum.


  • Motorized-electromechanical Drive unit. Silent and maintenance free.
  • Microprocessor based Control Panel provides precise movement and positioning of flaps.
  • Presence Sensing is achieved by an array of Optical Beam Sensors.
  • MS Grey Painted or Stainless Steel Body.
  • Operational Logic : Microprocessor based control panel and seven sets of infrared optical beam sensors are employed to achieve the following:
  • Directional Control: Does not allow a person to pass from opposite direction. For example, if a person shows card from the entry side and another person from the opposite side tries to exit than the flaps will immediately close, thus blocking the passage.
  • Prevents Tail Gating: Two persons trying to pass the barrier with one card will be detected. If tail gating is detected the flaps are closed immediately and a soft alarm is sounded for a few seconds to draw the attention of guard or receptionist.
  • Anti Crash sensors do not allow flaps to close on a patron.
  • Indicator Lights: Green arrow is always ON indicating the flap barrier is ready to use. A red X comes on with a light beep if the card or finger prints are not accepted by the reader; flaps in this case will remain close.

System Details:

Details Normal Flap Barrier Telescopic Flap Barrier
Length 1180mm 1180mm
Height 1000mm 1000mm
Width 325mm 325mm
Clear Walkaway 600mm 900mm
Supply Voltage 230V AC 230V AC
Motor 24V DC reversible 24V DC reversible
Duty Cycle Continuous Continuous
Opening/Closing time Continuous Continuous

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