Other Security Products

CINT-Bomb Blanket

The lightweight, highly protective equipment is made of multiple-layer ballistic

CINT-Bullet Proof Helmet

The PASGT Helmet (US Personal Armor System Ground Troops)

CINT-Cover Bulletproof Vest

It is designed to be worn under the wearer's cloth

CINT-Covert Bulletproof Vest

The covert is designed to be worn under the wearer's cloth

CINT-Self Defense Stun Gun

Self defense/defence device Electric shock Flashlight Stun Gun

CINT-Stun Gun

Stun Baton with built-in Torch Function, 120db Siren

CINT-Solar Fence System

Has an integration capability with access control, CCTV


Audio detection is provided through a voltage controlled


CINT-DSM-MD is a professional buried metal detector


MAIL SCAN- The mail and letter bomb detector detects


MAIL BOMB DETECTOR model CINT/MBDI is a microcontroller