DEEP SEARCH METAL DETECTOR MODEL 7095 is based on the internationally proven principle of low frequency pulse induction for high reliability and operational simplicity. It is suitable for detection of underground ferrous (Mild Steel and Cast Iron) and Non-ferrous metals such as Copper, Brass, Silver and Aluminum.
It can be usefully applied to military, police, engineering, mine, coin searching and treasure hunting. It is ideal for locating buried pipelines, electrical conduits and metal reinforcements. It may be used effectively in mine clearance. The sensitivity does not decrease in case the metal to be detected is submerged in water.
The co-axial. 3-coil, search probe has a diameter of 30 cm. It is rugged in construction and capable of withstanding small impacts. It is mounted on an extendible telescopic pole and may be submerged in water without any degradation in performance. A special stick/baton probe is also available for use in dense vegetation and difficult terrain.


POWER SOURCE : Rechargeable or Alkaline Penlight Cells x 8

DETECTION: Audio detection is provided through a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO).The audio pitch is directly proportional to the size and proximity of the metal target. The internal speaker is disconnected when headphone is connected.

TARGET RESPONSE TIME : Less than 1 second

PIEZOELECTRIC TRANSDUCER :A specially designed water resistant and high-efficiency folded-horn piezoelectric transducer is employed for high audio output at low battery drain.

HEADPHONE CONNECTOR: connector is provided at the front of the unit for using headphones.

COIL CONNECTOR: A heavy duty low-resistance coil connector is provided at the back of the unit


  1. Telescopic pole
  2. 11” Coil
  3. Headphones
  4. Leather Case with Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  5. TEST PIECE to verify sensitivity

  7. 16” Coil
  8. Elliptical Coil
  9. Stick-Probe
  10. Easy-to-carry bag for field use


A suitable case with shoulder strap is provided for convenient outdoor use. The search head can be tilted for Maximum sensitivity on sloping ground.

Width    :    130 mm
Height    :    60 mm
Depth    :    210 mm
Weight (Control Unit)    :    Less than 1.0 kg (including batteries)