CINT-DSM-MD is a professional buried metal detector with unique features to cope with all situations and requirements. It can be easily adapted for detection of all kinds of buried ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, gold, silver and aluminum. Detection sensitivity may be suitably adjusted to detect metal from small pins in land mines to buried metal masses like pipelines, bomb shells and weapon caches. CINT-DSM-MD is based on the Pulse Induction principle which guarantees extreme detection depths even in soil with high contents of iron oxides or conducting saltwater. Rugged construction enables its use in any terrain and weather.


  • Light weight, rugged and professional design
  • Time proven pulse induction system
  • User friendly – simple to use
  • Dual-Line LCD Display for annunciation.
  • Dynamic detection circuitry automatically adjusts to ambient environment
  • Automatic threshold and zero adjustment
  • Capable of detecting target metal dose to large metal mass
  • Continuously variable alarm pitch to indicate the size and proximity of metal
  • LCD Bar-graph display for visually pin pointing of metal
  • Works on both internal long life rechargeable battery and disposable cells.


PRINCIPLE: Microcontroller based high-speed Pulse-Induction technology.
POWER SOURCE: Rechargeable or Alkaline Penlight Cells x 8. The electronic circuit is separate from the battery compartment so that in case of battery leakage the electronic circuit is not damaged.
HEADPHONE CONNECTOR: A heavy duty connector is provided at the front of the unit for using headphones.
COIL CONNECTOR: A heavy duty low resistance coil connector is provided at the front end of the unit.
A. AUDIBLE ALARM: Audio detection is provided through a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). The audio pitch is directly proportional to the size and proximity of the metal target. The internal speaker is disconnected when headphones are connected.
B. VISUAL ALARM: Back-lit dual line LCD for both, Bar-graph and Annunciation.
SELF DIAGNOSIS: Automatic continuous self-check functions. System failures are immediately indicated by a special audio and visual alarm.
TARGET RESPONSE TIME: Less than 1 second
Auto set: User friendly – no initial setting required. Self-compensating capability to detect the metals in different types of Terrain and weather.



  1. On /Off Switch with 4 Position Volume Control
  2. Dual-line Back-lit LCD display
  3. Sensitivity Control
  4. Headphone Connector
  5. Piezo-electric Transducer
  6. Search -coil Connector


  • 10mm Steel Ball (TEST PIECE)125 mm
  • One Rupee Coin250 mm
  • Hand Grenade450 mm


  • Single Piece Earphone
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Optimized Battery Charger
  • Test Piece
  • Operating manual
  • Easy-to-carry soft bag for field use
  • Hard case for shipment and storage
  • Standard Search Head
  • Set of NiMH Rechargeable batteries (AAx8)