MAIL SCAN- The mail and letter bomb detector detects ferrous and non-ferrous metallic objects contained within envelopes or thin packages. Letter bombs and other contraband are known to contain significant metal sub-components including batteries and wiring.
Through the use of the unit’s sensitivity controls the MAILSCAN allows the operator to detect metallic objects down to the size of a staple that may be contained within an envelope or small package measuring 14 inches in width to 1 inch in height.
Objects are screened from both sides as they are passed under the scanning bar which is mounted across the portion of the unit.

Technical specification:

  • -Detects all metallic objects
  • -Even Staple pin
  • -Enhanced security
  • -Simple to operate
  • -No training required
  • -Minimum space required
  • -Unit can fit almost anywhere
  • -8 month guarantee
  • Model
  • Letter capacity
  • Dimension
  • Power Supply
  • Battery Backup
  • Operation Temp.
  • Detection
  • Control
  • Weight
  • Accessories
  • Mail scan
  • 2.25” thick
  • Length 20”(51cm) Width 18” ( 16cm) Height 9”(22cm)
  • 85V to 230 V ac
  • 36 hrs.
  • -20 degree C to +85 degree C
  • Audio/Visual
  • Unit ON/Reset switch
  • 5 Kg
  • Test card