MAIL BOMB DETECTOR model CINT/MBDI is a microcontroller based system that will reliably screen all your mail and courier deliveries up to telephone directory size (2.25″ thick). It will detect virtually all known letter bomb detonating devices regardless of the type of explosive used. Letters and parcels are passed
Through a chute and analyzed for the presence of explosive materials, electrical triggering devices or any other metal elements used in the construction of a letter bomb. When the machine’s magnetic field is disturbed by the presence of a threatening device, CINT/MBDI alerts you with your choice of a silent alarm or a discreet tone alarm which produces a shrill noise.
CINT/MBDI is ideal for use by corporate and government official also in Prisons, Correctional Facilities.
Fast and reliable screening of mail and courier deliveries

  • Screens packets up to telephone directory size ( 2.25″ thick)
  • Detects all known detonating devices regardless of type of explosive
  • Detects, knives, weapons, and small metal objects in mail
  • Ignores regular stationary items such as paper clips, staples and metal tags
  • Automatically triggers an alarm on packets Containing detonating devices


  1. Fault this indicates a fault in the circuitry.
  2. Hold when the machine detects a suspect package, it will move out of its normal “operate” mode and set the alarm indicators flashing, and indicate hold. Please Note that the FAULT and HOLD both come on momentarily when the machine is first switched on whilst the circuitry is warming up.
  3. Test wait 5 seconds, then let TEST CARD slide through the machine. The test card contains an optimized target and the ALARM INDICATOR lamps will FLASH. This confirms proper performance of the equipment and is MANDATORY so that there is no false sense of security.

Press RESET switch to stop ALARM flashing.


  1. Power On/OffSwitches the machine on or off. The battery will charge even if this switch is in the off position.
  2. Audio AlarmThe Audio alarm may be turned on or off as desired.
  3. Sensitivity Plus, this increases sensitivity though still discriminative.
  4. Spare Circuit, if principal circuitry malfunctions, this switch will bring an identical spare circuit into action so that mail screening can continue.

Letter capacity:

2.25″ thick

Power supply:

90-270V 50/60Hz SMPS Power Supply Integral battery:12V 7AH sealed dry fit battery to provide over 24 hours of operation in an emergency.

Safety features:

  1. Integral back-up battery
  2. Fault alarm
  3. Spare circuit Accessories:Test card Dimensions:length 16″ (41cm) width 18″(46cm) height 9.5″ (24cm) Weightill kg Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C