CINT-Stun Gun


Stun Baton with built-in Torch Function, 120db Siren, built-in Charger, Safety Pin plus Double Shock feature (Point Shock Prongs & Double Side Shock Plates). Police Stun Baton is a excellent new self defense heavy duty stun baton to keep in your car for Anti Smash & Grab, ideal to keep next to your bed at night for self defense against intruders.


  • Quality, Power & Durability
  • Voltage 2000KV (2 Million Volts)
  • Direct Shock Point Prongs Shock Side Plates – Extra Shocking Feature Anti Snatch
  • Trickle Charge Shock
  • Built-in 120db Siren – On/Off
  • Built-in Bright Torch
  • Built-in Charger
  • Safety Pin & Strap
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Stand by Charge 2 – 4 Months
  • Length 345mm – Width 45mm – Height 45mm
  • Weight 600 grams
  • Charger & Holster Include

-- Download CINT-Stun Gun as PDF --