Banks are often seen as the most secure institutions, yet the responsibility associated with managing their security arrangements can be a daunting task. There are many areas to be taken into consideration while providing security solutions to banks such as monitoring cashiers’ counters, the entire head office and branch offices and even securing remote ATM locations.

CINT’s range of banking security products can help you design a comprehensive system specific to your needs or upgrade your current system to incorporate emerging technologies. Our innovative products can help your security personnel cut down on the time taken to perform everyday tasks. We can help you make your bank more secure with improved security of your employees and clients, and provide your customers with better services.
We have successfully implemented CCTV Projects in more than 100 branches of leading banks. With our expertise and past experience, we have designed most economical and technically viable solution for banking industry. Our security equipment and solutions are totally automated to detect, record and inform in case of any intrusion.