Security remains to be a key concern for all educational establishments from schools and colleges to the largest universities. The primary responsibility of every school is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors. CCTV surveillance is the key technology being adopted by such institutions to tackle senseless vandalism, including damaging arson attacks and cases of theft in odd hours. The government has also recently issued notices to schools to review their security systems and install equipment like CCTV cameras.

CINT has been providing security products to the education sector catering to their specific needs in surveillance of walkways between buildings as well as internal ones such as office rooms, cafeterias, laboratories and corridors of schools and colleges. Apart from school and college hours, the same surveillance system can be used to monitor the school property from a remote place as well. 0ur digital surveillance systems have the advantage of being highly cost-effective and easy to operate. Even our slim network-run equipment makes for low maintenance costs.

Another interesting area of application for this technology is distance learning. Our solution can be used to make attending lectures “at a distance” a viable option for students who are unable to attend lectures in person.