Government buildings need to have the best possible standards of security. Their high profile marks them out, in uncertain times, as prime targets for attack as has been witnessed in past. We have been observing a new wave of interest and investment by the government in new security systems and technologies of which CCTV monitoring is a central element.

It is imperative to provide a safe and secure environment for legislators, civil servants and the public and CINT is no stranger when it comes to government security. With our vast experience in working to meet the security needs of this sector, we offer a comprehensive suite of security solutions.
In this sector, flexibility is undoubtedly a key driver and the security solutions should be able to meet the diverse requirements of prestigious, historic and often large structures such as legislative assemblies and more conventional offices. Besides establishing a secure environment at government buildings and facilities, we also provide temporary security measures at government events like event inaugurations, speeches and rallies.
We offer complete security solutions for all entrances through our automated visitor management systems, complete surveillance systems and panic alarm systems.