In today’s global environment the requirement for robust transportation security measures has never been greater at ports, airports, bus stands and railway stations. Transport systems continue to be an attractive target for criminal and terrorist attacks resulting in mass casualties, damage to economy and instil fear. They are vulnerable to such attacks as they are open and gather large number of people at a time.

Those responsible for ensuring the smooth running of these critical infrastructure have to face such challenges. At CINT, we have applied our extensive experience in the transport sector to introduce sophisticated security solutions. These systems can help to ensure the safety of passengers and valuable cargos. They also prevent damage to transport infrastructure, minimize disruption of services and deliver valuable management information.

CINT’s innovative products specifically developed for this sector are becoming a vital element of transportation security and considerable interest is being shown by clients in these products. This interest is not surprising given the potential of this technology to address the vulnerability of the various public transport systems. Our products help operators to spot unusual activity and tackle the day-to-day activities related to vandalism and assaults on passengers or staff.