Security Equipment

CINT: Security Products

CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading security equipment company since 1992. It possesses 25-years experience in development, supply, installation, upgradation and maintenance of security equipment including CCTVs, Mobile Jammer, Door Frame Metal Detector, Electric Fencing, Boom Barrier and much more. It works with government agencies, private security services, RWAs and individual clients interested in strengthening the security of their premises.


CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Israel brings ehealthcare services to India to provide quality medical service to rural areas. Committed to nation-building, the company helps in improving healthcare services in rural areas with the help of internet technology. The objective is to bring state-of-the-art medical services to the areas that are hitherto devoid of medical facilities.

CINT: Healthcare

Virtual Reality

CINT: Virtual Reality

CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of developing Virtual Reality technology to increase its uses and expand its reach to the individual level. Virtual Reality technology is used for many things from education to training and from entertainment to gaming but its full potential is yet to be achieved. The company is determined to make VR a reality.