CINT Smart Home


  • Wireless
  • App Based
  • Detects Fire
  • Controls Lighting
  • Panic Button


  • Cloud-based technology driven safe smart homes
  • Wireless system which does not require any structural changes
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to upgrade
  • Enables the users to know which area is intruded or fire in which location
  • Provides real time information of movement inside the house at all times
  • Allows us to easily program the system to automatically switch on the electronic devices at the time of your preferences
  • Multiple users can control the device at the same time from multiple locations via different devices, thus providing the control to every family member
  • Take control of your home security in your hands even while you’re out taking care of your business

CINT Smart Home combines intrusion detection, fire detection and surveillance technologies along with home automation. It is an all-in-one solution for all your home security and automation requirements.


  • 3 Wire Sensor Inputs (Each can be assigned as Panic, Burglar, Fire, Tamper or Controller)
  • 4 Display LEDs (Away/Home/Disarm/Data)
  • Automation Switch Control: Control of 10 Smart plugs or contact relays
  • Supports 8 RF switch for automation
  • Range: 50 m
  • Event Log: 512 records
  • Power: Less than 10mW
  • 216 Combinations with check sum for each type of sensors
  • Total 288 Zones including 32 controller zones
  • Battery backup operation time: 2 hours Standby
  • Built in 100db Siren
  • Data Modulation: Narrow-Band FM or OOK
  • Input Power: 7VDC/850mA power adapter
  • RF: 433MHz or 915MHz compliant with local regulations
  • RF: 433MHz or 915MHz compliant with local regulations

-- Download CINT Smart Home as PDF --