What are The Most Important Features to Look into CCTVs?

“With 52% of burglaries in residential areas taking place when homeowners are away, having a high-end Security Camera becomes mandatory to protect your home from burglars”.


Choosing the right security camera isn’t a difficult job today if you know the important features to look into a CCTV. While price is certainly a factor to consider, it isn’t the only factor. A security camera is known for its features and there are some very important features to consider with CCTVs.

Field of View

It refers to the how wide a camera can see. It is the most important feature because it is directly related to the viewing angle of the CCTV. Having a wide-angle camera is more beneficial than a low angle CCTV. Wide angle view would capture more movements.

Night vision

The power to view images in low-light condition can greatly impact the power of your CCTV. Since burglars would wait for the sun to set to break into your home, a security camera with good night vision feature can easily recognize the burglars and their activity.


Outdoor Security Cameras have movement; they can be tilted to specific angles to cover a wide area. This feature boosts the CCTV power to the manifold. Also, it removes the need of having more cameras to cover an area.


Camera resolution specifies its view quality. High resolution gives great picture quality hence needed for picture clarity. It helps in recognizing faces, vehicle model, registration number and other important details of the movement captured by the camera.