What can cure ailing rural India?

What ails rural healthcare in India is the ignorance of people, illiteracy and unawareness about common health problems related to hygiene. But poverty is considered the biggest issue with the rural healthcare system. Private hospitals are reluctant to extend their services to rural sector fearing loss of profit and government machinery isn’t mature enough to provide quality healthcare.


Failure of Community Health Centre

The government has created CHCs at the district level and a centre covers several villages but this centre can only provide primary care. The CHC system has failed to make a sustainable infrastructure for Rural Healthcare. But it doesn’t mean that no system would work at the village level.

CINT Healthcare

Let’s discuss the reasons for CHC failure

• Unavailability of skilled workforce
• CHCs not connected to hospitals
• Patients have to fend for themselves
These are the three biggest reasons for the failure of CHC system. But what is more worrisome is that government isn’t making any effort to strengthen the system. If not supported at earliest, it will suppress under its own weight.


India needs a parallel healthcare system for its rural population

The 750 million people living in the rural sector forms the face of the health of a nation. The CHC has laid a foundation that has to be taken to the next level where the Healthcare centers will be connected to the city hospitals where specialist doctors can be contacted for medical help.


Rural people have some requirements

Education: They need education on healthcare system so that they can take advantage of the system.
Personal service: Illiterate people aren’t able to take care of their medical records. They will appreciate if their medical records including test reports and prescription are taken care of.

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