Why is e-Healthcare necessary for rural India?

The wait for a medical system like eHealthcare is over. Now rural India would get medical help from eHealthcare that will connect every household with a healthcare system that is designed for the rural population.

What is an eHealhcare system?

It is setting primary healthcare infrastructure and connecting the infrastructure with advance medical service through the internet. The primary healthcare will work as a remote medical center of a robust system. There is an online central medical center at the helm of the system and the entire system is woven around the center.

What is an online medical center?

It is a call-center connected to a central database of medical records of rural patients. Record of every patient is uploaded into the database for the doctors at the call center to study the record and suggest further physical examination and prescribe medicines. The patients will connect to the call-center through the internet of things.

What is the most important part of the eHealthcare system?

It is a primary medical center that forms the backbone of the system. Patients visit their nearest medical centers and they get complete help from physical checkup by paramedics and prescription by specialist doctors and surgeons. The patients are even referred to city hospitals for intensive care.

What is the advantage of the database?

Every patient is registered with a unique ID that is used to store the record of patients. Every patient has his medical history, reports and prescriptions. Doctors and surgeons at the call-centre check records of patients and prescribe treatment according to their findings. It is simple and practical.
This system helps in improving the overall health of the rural population in addition to providing individual care to each patient. The data shows what is common in rural patients and whether the common factors are indicating towards a bigger problem. The big-data can help in taking precautionary measures to improve rural health.