There is nothing much you can do once your security is compromised, other than hoping the damage is not grave or the perpetrator is caught. Surveillance plays a very important in preventing security threats. The IP CCCTV camera is one such product that makes surveillance easy and reliable. Unlike an analog CCTV camera, the IP version can send and receive data via a computer network and internet.

We offer the best-in-class IP CCTV cameras and that too at the best price for the features they boast of. The advantages of this innovation include a two-way audio enabling you to listen and also speak at the same time, option of connecting to a wireless network or Wi-Fi, secure data transmission through encryption and authentication, remote access for viewing the footage, ethernet port ensuring operation is not stalled even when there is no power.


Support HDMI/ VGA/ TV simultaneous video output


DVR5104/5108/5116HE: All channel D1(4CIF) realtime


4/8/16 cameras with 1080p realtime preview


CINT Value Series AHD DVR provides multichannel


H.264 video compression, CIF resolution


Video & audio code and decode parameters


Cloud services, easy to realize various network penetration


Analog video input, HDMI output, Video compress standard