Security Equipment

CINT: Security Products

CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading security equipment company since 1992. It possesses 25-years experience in development, supply, installation, upgradation and maintenance of security equipment including CCTVs, Mobile Jammer, Door Frame Metal Detector, Electric Fencing, Boom Barrier and much more. It works with government agencies, private security services, RWAs and individual clients interested in strengthening the security of their premises.


Our surveillance product range comprises of CCTV cameras, NVRs/DVRs & other software tools that leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to provide our customers with an integrated security surveillance solution. Our range comprises of products for home to homeland security.

Detection & scanners

Detection technology has leapfrogged over the last few years and it has emerged as an important part of designing security system for safeguarding critical installations. Our range includes Door-Frame Metal Detectors, Handheld Metal Detectors & Explosive Detector, while our range of scanners include a variety of luggage scanners, vehicle scanners and other scanning equipment.


We also provide several other products such as Boom Barriers, Bollards, Lighting Solutions and other IoT devices.


CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Israel brings ehealthcare services to India to provide quality medical service to rural areas. Committed to nation-building, the company helps in improving healthcare services in rural areas with the help of internet technology. The objective is to bring state-of-the-art medical services to the areas that are hitherto devoid of medical facilities.

CINT: Healthcare

Virtual Reality

CINT: Virtual Reality

CI Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of developing Virtual Reality technology to increase its uses and expand its reach to the individual level. Virtual Reality technology is used for many things from education to training and from entertainment to gaming but its full potential is yet to be achieved. The company is determined to make VR a reality.

Please visit for details of our products. Our products can be conveniently bought at a store near you or on several e-commerce platforms.


The company provides a wide range of services such as annual maintenance contracts, security audits and other consulting services. Additionally, our Sanand–II plant also provides Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Electronics Manufacturing Services
Our Sanand Facility is tailor-made for providing low-cost, high quality electronic manufacturing services to customers. The plant is conveniently located near a port to ensure fast dispatch and reduce the turnaround time. Our production process is driven by the best practices in terms of operating procedures. Please click here for more information on our EMS strengths

Fully Automated Manufacturing Line
The Company has a complete Surface Mount Technology line with the best-in-class machinery. The plant is equipped with a 3D Automatic Optical Inspection Machine (AOI) and a 3D Soldier Paste Inspection Machine (SPI) which puts it in a handful of select manufacturing facilities with such capabilities. These machines are critical in significantly eliminating manufacturing defects while ensuring longevity of products.

State of the Art Research & Development Centre
The production facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art R&D Center which is committed to innovation in product design, testing and subsequently manufacturing. The unit comprises engineers, technicians, & system designers, who work to improve the design, capabilities and versatility of our products. We work with our customers and provide them with out technical assistance in fine-tuning their products thereby enabling them to cater to different markets & their needs.

ESG Compliant and committed to carbon neutral production process
We are committed to meeting ESG Compliance and to achieve a carbon-neutral production process by 2024 and a net carbon positive production process by 2025.

Over 100 plus Embassies are our Clients
CINT is proud to have a 99.3% retention rate of its customers and we have served over 100 embassies in India and abroad.

Strict compliance on IPR of our partners
We have well defined operational protocols to protect third-party IPRs. We are committed towards ensuring strictest possible compliance comparable to global best practices in terms of protecting third party IPRs. Our partners, customers and vendors can be rest assured as we take full responsibility of protecting their IPRs.